10 Reasons Why Companies are Relocating to Singapore

Singapore is one of the major business hubs in Asia. Geographically, it straddles the sea links between East and West. It is what makes it an attractive place to register a company in Singapore for foreigners. Many of them relocate to Singapore to fully capitalize on the opportunity.

Singapore’s proximity to Asia puts it in a great position. Foreign companies and investors vie each other for a foothold in Singapore. It gives them access to Asia and approximately 4 billion consumers. Here are reasons to register a company in Singapore for foreigners.

Key Reasons to Register Your Company in Singapore

Affordable Tax Structure

Entrepreneurs and investors come to Singapore for its affordable tax regime. Low personal and corporate income tax rates, tax benefits, and absence of tax on capital gains reduce their overhead costs. Singapore has signed a network of Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (DTAs) and other regional tax agreements with its other countries to simplify cross-border trade for its companies.

Pro Business Environment

Singapore is one of the most accessible places to do business in. The World Bank’s Report 2020 ranks it in 2nd spot for the ‘Ease Doing Business’. Singapore has world-class harbors and airports offering reliable connectivity throughout the world. Its excellent infrastructure, low tax rates, start-up ecosystem, qualified and English-speaking workforce, and robust economy make it one of the great places to invest.

Robust Economy

Singapore is a highly successful and well-developed trade-based economy. It is well supported by its electronics, manufacturing and financial services, and construction sectors. Singapore’s GDP per capita in 2020 was 59,797.75 USD and is expected to reach 61,000.00 USD in 2022. It is quite higher than even many developed nations.

World-class Infrastructure

Singapore is home to efficient ports, a rapid transportation system, subways, modern skyscrapers, to high-rise structures. Singapore has reliable communications networks for connectivity with the outside world.

Quality of Life

Singapore offers its citizens and ex-pats a secure and quality life. It is ranked in Mercer’s list as one of the best cities globally based on personal safety, political stability, and opportunities for growth.

Stable Political Landscape

Singapore offers investors and entrepreneurs a strong and stable political environment. Add to it Singapore’s record as one of the most corruption-free countries and pro-business bureaucracy. And you get a marketplace to register companies in Singapore for foreigners.

Strong Legal System

Singapore’s legal system is swift and efficient. It has strong anti-corruption laws that are implemented effectively. Investors can operate without fear of bureaucratic manipulation or interference. It also keeps the crime rate low and offers high personal safety.

English-Speaking Workforce

Singapore has invested in its education sector, which has ensured a 90% literacy rate. Its colleges and universities are sources of qualified individuals. Singapore also attracts qualified foreign professionals, managers, and socialists. It is why MNCs prefer an English-speaking Singaporean workforce. When it comes to registering companies in Singapore for foreigners, entrepreneurs prefer to hire a compatible and competitive staff.

Investing in Singapore

Singapore promotes free enterprise and allows 100% foreign ownership in companies registered in Singapore. It has the Global Investor Program (GIP) and the EntrePass program to help relocate foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, there are no restrictions on transmitting profits outside of Singapore. Singapore attracted 34913.40 SGD Million in Foreign Direct Investment in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Singapore offers ‘Ease of Doing Business through the swift process to register companies in Singapore for foreigners. They also benefit from streamlined compliance procedures, low tax rates, and 100% ownership of their company. It is a secure, clean, and vibrant place that is a melting pot for different cultures.

The Top Five Ways for Building High Performing Teams

A group of individuals with specialized yet complementary expertise and skills focused on common goals. As a team, they collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior outputs. The group relentlessly strives to excel in performance through shared leadership, open communication, clear role responsibilities, team rules, and early conflict resolution. As a result, they possess a strong sense of mutual trust and accountability. All this contributes to being a high-performing team.

Even though the outburst of the pandemic and the penetration of digital technology have transformed the workplace to extraordinary lengths, high performing teams still remain the backbone of contemporary organizational structure. From running a business organization, creating new products and services to delivering them to the customers requires a collaborative high-performance team.

So, creating a high performing team is crucial for every organization to carry out their work, bring out superior performance and build up a tremendous competitive advantage. Let’s look at some of the significant characteristics of high-performance teams.

Characteristics of High Performing Teams

A high performing team is more than a group of workers simply following orders. They have some of these distinguishing characteristics.

· A deep sense of purpose to the mission

· Great mentors to consistently motivate the team.

· They have work-life balance

· They have courage to speak out their thoughts

· Mutual commitment, interdependence, and trust among team members

· They have ambitious goals

· A clear understanding of the team’s responsibilities and individual obligations.

How to Build A High Performing Team?

High performing teams are easy to spot, and writing down their characteristics is far easier. But creating high performing teams isn’t easy, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort. There are different ways towards building high performing teams, but here are a few key factors to focus on.

1. Open Communication Is A Priority

Open communication is the cornerstone of a high-performance team and is taken for granted by average business teams. However, it will be a costly mistake if an organization fails to promote open communication, resulting in poor output, elusive targets, and ineffective employee engagement.

For creating high performing teams, managers should focus on open communication that motivates the workforce and boosts the productivity and profitability of the organization. Managers should also transparently disseminate the company information.

Of course, there are various barriers to open communication. Some of them are lack of listening, conflicting communication, and emotional distractions. However, you are on the way to successfully building a high-performance team if you overcome all these open communication barriers. There are several leading virtual employee engagement activities, online team-building games, and platforms to help you to beat these challenges. These digital tools enhance collaboration and open communication among team members as well.

2. Set Quantifiable Goals

The things that can’t be measured cannot be achieved. So, high performing teams always set quantifiable goals and objectives. By doing so, the high performing teams know precisely what they are working for and how the output contributes to their productivity and the business’s profitability.

Online team building platforms help the team members to develop quantifiable goals and commit themselves to achieve them.

3. Promote Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Emotional Quotient (EQ), popularly known as Emotional Intelligence (EI), is an individual’s ability to balance emotions and thoughts. An emotionally intelligent individual can understand and control their own emotions while empathizing with other people’s emotions and feelings.

EQ is deeply ingrained in the DNA of a high performing team, and it is a powerful driver of teamwork. A group of emotionally intelligent people carries out open communication effectively. They naturally tend to foster loyalty and engagement. As a result, high performing teams fine-tune their collaborative skills to push towards more fulfilling success.

4. Stress on Continuous Learning

In the current Information Age, continuous learning is an inevitable necessity. Apart from building high performing teams, it is essential to smoothly sail through skill gaps and different types of digital transformations.

Technology, particularly emerging technologies, constantly changes. As a result, businesses stress faster learning and skill development among team members. Team members in a high-performance team help each other in learning and upgrade their learning ability through various digital training sources and tools.

Businesses looking for creating a high performance team should make continuous learning their priority. Therefore, apart from virtual employee engagement activities and online games, they turn towards leading online learning platforms to provide interactive training to their employees in emerging technologies. These online programs are more likely to be effective than merely reading or watching video tutorials.

5. Leadership

High performance teams are led by highly performing leaders. There is no doubt that leaders who focus on purpose, goals, relationships, and an unwavering commitment to results are behind all high-performing teams and every business organization.

More than that, building high performing teams also requires essential leadership skills. Some of them are:

· The ability to keep up with the relevance and meaning of the business purpose and goals.

· The willingness to build commitment and confidence among employees.

· Consistently motivates team members to enhance their skills.

· Manage relationships without hindering team performance.

· Courage to overcome challenges.

· Openness to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

· Finally, get to the bottom and do the real work.

A Few Little Steps for Creating a High Performing Team

To survive and thrive in today’s digitally transforming, highly competitive business world, every enterprise should be backed by high performing teams. And, building high performing teams doesn’t happen by chance.

To develop such teams effectively, managers should identify the strengths and weaknesses of team members. Then group them in a manner in which they can collaborate well and complement each other with their varying talents, skills, and attributes. Ultimately, this holistic workforce will work consistently towards meeting business challenges and goals. In short, building a high-performance team seems like a daunting task.

But towards this end, a number of online game platforms can offer some help. Online games equip team leaders and Human Resource (HR) managers with the right skillsets for creating high-performing teams. These short games help team members to get over boredom and get back to their work afresh. In addition, online games are tailored for business teams of every shape and size, satisfying their business needs. It also allows the HR department to organize online gaming tournaments for employees taking employee engagement to the next level.

7 Tips to Consider Before Installing A Steam Shower

A popular trend in 2021 is the installation of a steam shower in Canada. With a Steamist steam shower, you can enjoy a custom at-home steam experience without breaking the bank. The Steamist system makes it affordable to add a touch of luxury to your wellness routine. Here are the seven tips to consider before installing a steam shower in Canada.

Benefits of a Steam Shower
Many Steamist steam shower owners rave about the benefits of regular steam baths sessions on allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Steam helps to naturally open the airways and improve symptoms associated with nasal and chest congestion. Whether you are recovering from a cold or seasonal allergies, a steam session can help improve your symptoms.

7 Tips To Consider When Buying a Home Steam Shower
1. The Maximum Ceiling Height is 8 Meters
An ideal steam shower will be a maximum of eight feet in height. If you have a bathroom with a higher ceiling or a vaulted ceiling, you may need a more powerful steam generator to fill the stall.

2. Seating Matters
The seating you choose for your steam shower will improve comfort for bathers and the versatility of your space. With small Steamist steam showers, we recommend fold-up seats to save on space.

3. Slip Prevention
Safety is an essential consideration when it comes to a steam shower in Canada. We recommend integrating some sort of slip prevention into your new steam shower. Preventing slipping could include anything from an anti-slip mat to custom tiling to decrease slip risks.

4. Steam Shower Controls
Your controls are one of the most important parts of your new Steamist steam shower. You will want your steam shower controls to be easily accessible from your shower stall. We recommend placing your controls as closely as possible to any seats inside your steam shower or close to the main door.

5. Vapour Seal Your Lighting
Interior lights for steam showers should be vapour sealed to prevent the entry of moisture. If water enters a regular light fixture, it can be hazardous. Only vapour sealed lights are safe and approved for use inside of a steam shower in Canada.

6. Hire an Electrician for Steam Generator Installation
You should consult a certified electrician whenever you are making changes to your home electrical system. This includes the installation of a Steamist steam shower generator.

7. Use Double-Pane Windows
Some home and cottage steam showers make use of an external window for stunning views. However, always remember to use a double-paned window to ensure there is no heat or water loss.

At SaunaFin, we sell Steamist steam shower systems for installation in homes and cottages across North America. The Steamist system offers the unique opportunity to customize your steam shower experience with aromatherapy, Bluetooth speakers, and mood lighting. Unlike a steam shower at a gym or spa, you can customize your new Steamist steam shower to fit your specific needs. To get started designing a custom steam shower in Canada, contact SaunaFin at 905-738-4017.

How to Get Wealthy by Using Regeneca Products – I Feel Sorry For Those Who Do Not Believe!

I am always interested in making money, whether it be at-home, at the office or on the internet. I have been asked a lot recently, mainly by my family, closest relatives and friends, how I got into the whole online internet marketing scene in the first place. Being ill-informed as they sometimes are, some understand my situation and some do not. I feel sorry for the latter. And some of the marketing strategies of being an internet marketer is to write blogs, do PPC ads, film YouTube videos, attend webinars and, do what I am doing right now, writing articles. At first I had decided to do a blog on this company, Regeneca, but I figured it would be a task that would take up a lot of my valuable time so I decided against it and wrote this article instead. As the saying goes, “Time is Money” and I do not have much of either. To be up-front and honest with you, I am not a big fan of writing… so I am going to make this as “to the point” as possible for both my benefit and yours, since I am assuming you probably do not enjoy reading fluff.

Has anyone heard of Regeneca? I truthfully had not until it was brought up in a Webinar I recently attended. Regeneca was formally called a Direct Response Marketing Company (DRMC) but it just recently converted it’s marketing strategy to Direct Response Network Marketing Company (DRNM). This Regeneca review will focus on how Regeneca came to be, what they did right and what their process was to “get the ball rollin’” as it were. REGENECA was formed to create and commercialize products that help you improve your health, battle the signs and symptoms of aging and to assist you to “regenerate your life” through their family of phytochemical infused, as well as botanical and organic based, products. They do this while drawing their products from the earth in an ethical strategy which emphasizes re-growth, reforestation and recycling. That is their “Whole Earth, Whole Body Approach to Health”.

By using only the finest botanical ingredients in all their products, from skin care, hair care, their proprietary VIVABlend Super Anti-Oxidant rich beverage derived from their own secret balanced blend of different sources of phytochemical extracts from antioxidant rich bio-active fruits and vegetables, to their all natural REGENEFit nutritional supplements and meal replacement products, Regeneca helps you battle the signs and symptoms of aging with every product they formulate.

One of the first Marketing Strategies that Regeneca did was to try and enroll an audience into their marketing program by doing television infomercials with live call-ins. Their motive was to sell the at-home product. The reasoning behind this strategy was this: A. Brand Recognition – “Seeing is believing and believing is seeing”, as Napoleon Hill once quoted. B. Their Compensation Plan was one of the highest offered by any Online Marketing Company in the business. C. If you do this from home, you can work as little or as much as you want. Best of all, it is up to the person involved in promoting the Regeneca company. D. Regeneca is a company that is recession proof. The company is growing in this economy because Regeneca teaches others to do the same and replicate.

Today, this Direct Response Network Marketing company is one of the top leaders in the business. The idea behind Regeneca offering this opportunity to at-home agents shows that they are committed to their products and to their company. This was a very innovative and attractive concept that will capture the imagination of a lot of networkers. So, instead of having some hourly paid representative working in a call centre environment, the idea of working at-home agents became very clear. This strategic move gave to Regeneca a better customer service business and better all around customer care package.

So, if you decided to join the Regeneca opportunity now, you have the opportunity to sell the company’s products at-home, not unlike Tupperware, say. Once you have about a year of experience doing this, you can now sponsor other people and help your downline to grow exponentially. I know that a lot of you out there reading this article might be thinking that this is a pyramid scheme or a scam. Unfortunately, this is a sad way to think because Regeneca is a no red flag event. Regeneca is doing very well and is well respected in the community of online network marketers. The idea of taking live infomercial calls into your very own home to sell Regeneca product to individuals that are actually interested, is a wonderful concept. People are lining up to buy the Regeneca product and the at-home agents are not going door-to-door asking or persuading people to purchase. As you all know, most people would not be interested doing this, but if you get calls from people wanting the product, is a win-win situation for the organization.

The Regeneca Experience is currently in their launching phase and a lot of people do not know about it. If you get in touch with a Regeneca agent right now, you will have to be very patient. Systems are currently not is place and routing calls sometimes drop out. A Regeneca Marketing Manager advises that it will be around December of 2010 before everything will be up and running as designed. In the meantime, agents are advised to stick with the plan and be patient. If you can not wait, do not get involved.

But, with all due respect, Regeneca is doing quite well right now. Every call to an agent converts into a sale or multiple sales of one or two of their health and beauty products. That is a 100% turnover rate. Some clients are coming back for more… with credit card in hand waiting to place an order. Because of the company’s extensive training program, leaflets and pamphlets, the skill level of the at-home call taker is critical to the success of the Regeneca business model.

If you view this business as a conventional network marketing opportunity without the expectation of the live call system performing miracles for your business you will be just fine. However, this company is in its infancy and it does not appear to be a pyramid scheme. What Regeneca really needs is a means whereby they can market the company name and their products instead of just having agents selling products. They need a marketing company that has the #1 marketing system and Training tools on the internet today. This marketing system would drive more individuals to the Regeneca website and in turn the company as a whole would benefit. There would not be a situation where Regeneca would have to depend entirely on recruiting at-home agents to sell their product. Having a great marketing system in place other than the selling of the product would be a Godsend and Regeneca as a company should seriously look into this. In fact, even better, the at-home agents that are selling Regeneca products should get involved with the #1 marketing system and training tools website and then create a sub domain or a landing page whereby people would come and enroll in the Regeneca opportunity. Making money by selling Regeneca product is not a difficult task to do but what if you could enroll people in Regeneca company while you sleeping. This indeed would be a MIRACLE. This lead funnel would substantially increase the company’s overall presence, but most of all, would put more dollars in the at-home agents pockets on a regular basis making them wealthy.